(202 customer reviews)

Merlin MTL Now Officially Launched. -4 air plugs,
-22*42.6mm with 510 drip tip
-22*53.7mm with MTL drip tip
-Capacity: 3ml
-Material: 304 SS
-DL and MTL Mode
-Innovative Airflow Control .




202 reviews for MERLIN MTL RTA

  1. Petko Petkov

    Looks good. I hope the flavor will be good whit this big bell.
    Capacity: 3.5 ml is too small! I think 4.5-5.0 ml will be great.

  2. Chris Mahoney

    Looks great , if it has the same deck options as the Merlin or the mini and works the same then wow.
    Perfect fit for me and many others , thanks .
    I will come back and post a full review if I can find/get a hold of one black/white or silver thanks.

  3. José DaCona

    When will this be available?

    • augvape

      We will do our best, please be patient.

  4. Mike

    The airflow restriction plug/screw is a great way to give mtl and direct lung users options. But give the direct long option more airflow than the old Merlin! I loved mine, but moved on to the Ammit because it offers more airflow. Keep it single coil, or offer two build decks (a plug blocking half a dual coil deck does not count as a single coil option!!). Love the look of that bell. It’s a little hard to tell, but can it take standard 510 drip tips?

  5. Diego

    This looks awesome! Please make it a dedicated mouth to lung atomizer with very restricted airflow!

  6. Ryan Julius Lynch

    If this thing is a flop.. I’m gonna hate you augvape.. lol

    • augvape

      We are trying our best to add innovative features.

  7. augvape

    Not yet.We are trying to figure out how to make it more flavorful and convenient.

  8. Dan

    Is this thing still going to happen? This is exactly what I’m looking for. Want to try the Merlin Mini but I need a 22mm tank.

    • augvape

      Thanks for your attention,We will not let you down.

  9. James

    Please be just like the mini but, with just the single coil deck. Also, how can I get alerted when it’s available?

    • augvape

      Thanks for your attention,We are thinking about how to do it better.

  10. Jan

    Merlin rta with airflow screw, by far the best rta for me, vaping restriction lung. I hope this will feature same restriction screw. Only thing i could wish for is less condensation leaving juice on my mod. Augvape rocks.

  11. much2myamusment

    Hope this is an MTL atty. Long live the Merlin Mini… it would seem the best way forward from such success would be to design a real MTL tank, and then if the Mini can be improved upon, maybe do a separate restricted lung tank.

    Love what you’re doing, keep up the great work…

  12. pat gallagher

    Can’t wait to get my hands in this. The biggest issue with the mini was the size. Apart from that, it was a beautifully smooth vape. I’m a big fan of it. A Favoursome but gentle vape. Get sick of the high-powered wattage rta’s sometimes and this does the trick. Love the restricted direct lung hit from this. Great work guys; you’re obviously been listening to your customers.

  13. Ben D

    Tried over 40 single coil tanks in the past 4 years, the Merlins are my absolute favorites for DLH flavor vaping. I’ve been waiting for quite some time now for this new 22mm version. Any indication when it will hit the market?

  14. Brent Kosva

    Any updates on availability?
    Can’t wait to try it, the merlin is still my best rta to date?

  15. Amit Gole

    It looks amazing!! When can I expect this to be available .. waiting for it patiently since you posted the pictures on your website.. make it an mtl RTA with airflow ristrictors and zero leaking.. looking forward eagerly to the launch

  16. Andy

    Any news on the Merlin 22? Would love to see a single coil DL RTA in the tradition of the original Merlin! 🙂

    • augvape

      Thank you for your advice.

  17. Locke

    Release the damn thing already!! I need a 22mm augvape rta, anything 22 mm

    • augvape

      LOL,this is on progress.It’s hard to release a innovative RTA.

  18. Thomas

    Any news about the release date ?

    • augvape

      Not sure now

    • augvape

      Hey,we are still working on it.Trying our best to add new features.

  19. Nick77

    As others have said, looks great. Hopefully MTL dedicated single coil. Will it be going into production soon?

    • augvape

      We will make it but not sure when it’s into production

    • augvape

      Thank you for your sustained attention for Merlin 22.The final prototype will be finished on August 8th.I will give one sample to everyone that leave a comment after the mass production.Thank you again for your love,fam.

    • augvape

      Thank you for your sustained attention for Merlin 22.I will give one sample to everyone that leave a comment after the mass production.The final prototype will be finished on August 8th.

  20. Sagi

    If it will be MTL, 35mm or less long, 20mm in diameter, tank will have euro volume – this will be dream for many vapers. And ofc if top cap will be flat, for use with any 510 driptip.

    • augvape

      Thanks for your suggestion.

    • augvape

      Thank you for your sustained attention for Merlin 22.The final prototype will be finished on August 8th.I will give one sample to everyone that leave a comment after the mass production.Thank you again for your love,fam.

  21. erm

    Please make it 22 mm only MTL, with 1.2 mm , 1.6 mm air holes

    • augvape

      Thank you for your sustained attention for Merlin 22.The final prototype will be finished on August 8th.I will give one sample to everyone that leave a comment after the mass production.Thank you again for your love,fam.


    Very simple and stylish, Looks great
    I Waiting Impatiently.

    • augvape

      Thank you for your sustained attention for Merlin 22.The final prototype will be finished on August 8th.I will give one sample to everyone that leave a comment after the mass production.Thank you again for your love,fam.

  23. Shawn C

    I own both the Merlin Mini and the Merlin RDTA and they are BOTH the most cherished attys in my collection. I’ve put liters of liquid through both with at least 15 to 17 different coil variations and I really believe that they are both in the top 10 best vaping atomizer ever introduced to the industry. Builds are fast and easy, they’re highly aesthetic, flavor is just profound and I have never had an issue with either in the 8 months that I’ve owned them.

    Short and sweet, don’t hesitate in snagging one up…serious.

    • augvape

      Thank you for your sustained attention for Merlin 22.The final prototype will be finished on August 8th.I will give one sample to everyone that leave a comment after the mass production.Thank you again for your love,fam.

  24. Adam

    When is the damn thing out?waiting for so long!!!

    • augvape

      Thank you for your sustained attention for Merlin 22.The final prototype will be finished on August 8th.I will give one sample to everyone that leave a comment after the mass production.Thank you for your patience.

  25. Adam

    I own seven merlin mini tired of filing and wicking..Come out soon so i can buy a bunch of them. Do not forget mtl drip tips wooth this!!

    • augvape

      Thank you for your sustained attention for Merlin 22.The final prototype will be finished on August 8th.I will give one sample to everyone that leave a comment after the mass production.Thank you again for your love,fam.

  26. Sviatoslav

    Please make 24-25 mm only MTL too, with 1.2 mm , 1.6 mm air holes

    • augvape

      Thank you for your sustained attention for Merlin 22.The final prototype will be finished on August 8th.I will give one sample to everyone that leave a comment after the mass production.Thank you again for your love,fam.

  27. Tengku Elzafir Habsjah

    The rounded chambers really set this tank apart from the others. I wish there are 24-25mm option too, but I’ll go with 22mm if I have to.

  28. Chris H

    I can’t wait see this in production!

  29. Brandon ///Moodley

    Looking forward to seeing and trying this. Been using a Merlin RDTA for about 2 months now and judging by the rounded chimney this should be epic!

  30. Fernando

    This is some sexy RDTA, cant wait

  31. Jan

    Can you please tell us what will be the main innovatives compared to Merlin RTA and Merlin mini? How works the prototype?

  32. Safi

    Wow.. another Merlin. I hope this one will be as good as the OG Merlin. The OG Merlin has been the best flavor tank for me so far.

  33. Mehdi Babayev

    I love all Merlin tanks, that looks great!

  34. AJ

    Really looking forward to this. Can’t wait!

  35. pedro zapata

    Hey its available?? I have all the Merlin’s i love it!!

  36. Damien

    22mm will fit great on my DNA 250. Have you decided on a single and/or dual coil build? Looks like bottom airflow and top fill design as well. Keep up the good work! PS you guys need to distribute some augvape bands with tanks, just saying. 😀

  37. Dave

    I love my merlin. Wish it had more airflow. 3.8 ml is good. Maybe it’s a bit too tall. Maybe 24mm could keep near 4ml, and not be too tall. Don’t have Merlin mini, only 2ml.

  38. ILya

    The news about the final prototype is very good. I really expect this tank from you. I use merlin and merlin mini and I consider them one of the best tanks. I hope this will also be at a high level

  39. Fuc k you

    Really, this must be a Fucken joke

  40. Matt

    I can’t wait any longer

  41. Thevecihi

    It’s been too long my friend (:

  42. Matt

    This wait is killing me. Please hurry

  43. Ivan

    It’s great! I hope the taste will be the same as the whole series of merlin! 22mm is super, this is what I’ve been waiting for a long time!

  44. Gazi

    Can you please tell us what are the main innovations compared to Merlin RTA and Merlin Mini? How works the prototype launched at 8th August? All of us are curious 😉

  45. Rob Robbson

    Im waiting so long for now, the original Merlin is very good, but the new one with its 22 mm its the perfekt match for istick pico. Hope its coming soon <3

  46. Angel

    It looks beautiful. When will it be available?

  47. Erkan Maraş

    Looks great please add different size mtl kits.

  48. Krishnendu Roy

    The Merlin Mini is such a class act . Does all styles of vaping so wonderfully. The only way Merlin 22 is going to beat the Mini, if augvape makes this a one style specific device , that is , either MTL or DL

  49. Mark

    Boy am I waiting for this

  50. Merqury

    It would be good to see nice and dependable one-coil RTA in 22 mm size. And, thanks god, not another 2 ml “mini”. Good luck to you, folks!

  51. Martin

    It looks really good. Can´t WAIT

  52. Nick77

    Getting close now! Still hoping for a restricted MTL, narrow bore tip and dedicated single coil deck – one for the flavour, that’s what it’s about. Spec’s are looking good Augvape.

  53. Angel

    Looks incredible. It has liquid control? Very very nice

  54. Janoole

    They are ready for production? New pics of deck maybe?

  55. Nick77

    To those asking for larger diameter than 22mm – no, it ruins the aesthetics and product positioning of this attie.

    If you want 23mm then buy the RTA, if you want 24mm then buy the Mini or RDTA .

    The rest of us are looking for a well made 22mm mtl attie which is why this is attracting the attention that it is.

  56. Olivarius

    Looks great! I love the Merlin, one of the best single-coil RTAs on the market. Can’t wait to get a 22 mm version for daily on the road, front pocket use. Please include a second MTL driptip! Any images of the final prototype?

  57. Kelly

    Augvape keeps putting out excellent products! This 22mm RTA seems like another epic RTA from the Augvape. The Merlin series have proved itself.

  58. AvidVaper

    Looks like a great RTA. I’m a big fan of Augvape Products. Love my Druga RDA and Merlin Mini RTA!

  59. Matt Foster

    Loved the Merlin RTA, so this should be as good or better

  60. Jay

    Release date? I’ve been looking for this one all year. Please send through, would love to review it 🙂

  61. Kirill

    Tried all your atomizers, very impressed with the excellent quality and beauty of the devices. But only the Merlin mini liked him very much. I have two of them, steel and black, I use only on a single-spiral base, one for free traction, and the other for mtl.
    Just looking for a modern RTA with a diameter at 22mm for stealth mods and single- base with tightening variability, as was the Merlin mini.
    With pleasure I will try and this is your work! Good luck in developing and bringing your devices! 🙂

  62. MTLVaper

    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! A lot of companies have been pushing out products that are suited for direct lung hits and have kind of drifted away from us mouth to lung vapers. It’s great to see that Augvape is one of those companies that really care about the customers and provide high quality products at affordable prices. I have owned the Merlin RTA and it has served me well to this day. This 22mm will definitely go down in my list without a doubt.

  63. Daniel Velev

    It looks awesome.
    Please make it only for MTL,
    I love the old boy Merlin RTA.

  64. whitepuzo

    Handsome turns the tank! More like with round blowing holes. And pick up other drips. If you are planning Merlin 22 under the mfl, then put a high with a small hole.
    With great pleasure I will try Merlin 22.

  65. Chris Mahoney

    Glad to hear it’s getting close that’s great thanks.

  66. BZ

    I have been vaping since 2009. I have tried a huge number of RTAs. The Merlin is my all time favorite!!!

  67. Christian Moeller

    Looking forward to this RTA. Have been checking this page for updates for a while now and now it seems like the wait is almost over

  68. Todd

    Cant wait ro buy. Looks good for mouth to lung vapers. Good style

  69. IseeU

    August 8th is long gone…Is it ready yet? 😀
    After using many atomizers – Merlin AND Merlin Mini are still my top 2! When is new model being released?

  70. John D Sydenstricker

    Have every Augvape product made. I know this one has got to be good. Hope to see it soon.

  71. John

    I’m a big fan of 22mm single coil RTAs, but the ones I’ve tried have missed the mark for me because of leaking or too much airflow muting the flavor. Really looking forward to this coming out. Any chance we’ll be able to get this in black? *fingers crossed*

  72. Diego

    Cannot wait for the release!

  73. Brian

    I’ve been waiting so long for angvape to come out with a 22mm Merlin since it came out I can’t wait

  74. Dimo Zagor

    Waiting for a new better Merlin

  75. aniq

    looks damn fine hope the flavour will be superb aswell

  76. Mike B

    I can’t wait as well! The original Merlin is my favorite tank so I bought 3. I’ve been checking this site for a while now, waiting for the new 22 Merlin release and the wait is almost over!

  77. Kyryl

    It looks so cool! Cannot wait until it is released! I was waiting for it since the beginninng of the year! It is a fantastic tank! Thanks Augvape!

  78. Breppo

    Finally! I thought this one would never see the light of day. It’s been a while since a decent MTL RTA has come out.
    I’m sure it’s worth the long wait!

  79. Steve N

    I’m patiently waiting for the mass production of this beauty!

  80. marion karle

    It looks really interesting ! It’s really nice and with 3 ml it is exactly what I’m looking for 🙂
    Hope it will be good for flavors and MTL, it is the way I like it 🙂
    Good job anyway

  81. Jan

    Finally 🙂 Been waiting since christmas for this one 🙂 I am sooo happy to see its comming now. My regular merlins and minis have done their job and are ready for pension 🙂

  82. Daniel

    definitely a black version maybe gold ?

  83. dnml

    Please come as soon as possible.

  84. Thevecihi

    August will not last longer Augvape (:

  85. Erm

    Oh. Very good news. Can”t wait for new Merlin 22

  86. Crystal

    Love the looks of the new Merlin 22. Cant wait for this one. Hope it comes out soon.

  87. Crystal

    Love the looks of the new Merlin 22. Can’t wait for this one. Hope it comes out soon.

  88. Daniel

    black would be epic ….

  89. marion karle

    This atomizer looks really nice, hope it will be available soon…
    3 ml capacity is exactly what I’m looking for
    Hope it will be good for flavors and MTL, that’s the way I like it
    Good job !

  90. Dj pk

    I hope this one will come with airflow restrictors in various sizes

  91. Mohamed

    Is there is any news about the mass production ??!

  92. Johannes Ringheim

    Seems to be good on height vs capacity ratio. Hope this will work well in the MTL/restricted DTL area.

  93. Paul T

    i m using right now the merlin mini. great flavour mtl, but i need one with a bigger juice tanc. hope i will get this awesome one.

  94. rene van der veen

    any update Augvape? I would really love to own one ni silver and black.
    Original merlin still one of my favorites, but won’t fit in some of my side-by-side, so I need this 22mm version 🙂

  95. Dennis

    Was planning on getting the Merlin Mini, but I’ll wait a bit for the Merlin 22mm. I’ve been reading very good things about Augvape.

  96. Mojo

    Wait is finally over. Can you add one more.

  97. Adam

    I´m waiting so long for it. I hope it will be great. I love the merlin 1, but mine does leak so much on the base so i´m looking forward to this one :).

  98. tms

    Very nice look, I also like 22 mm atty.

  99. Thanos

    Please make this happen

  100. Fernando

    Waiting for it ! Love the original Merlin, but seeps from the base.

  101. Daniel

    Will it have the same deck as the other merlin? That one was easy to build and very good overall.

  102. Ivan

    When, when will this miracle come to light ?! I look forward to it!

  103. Ryan Julius Lynch

    Looks like you guys have a lot of free Merlin 22s to give out when it finally does drop. XD

  104. Rainer

    This is what I’m waiting for since I got my first Merlin. So I’m looking forward to it and I hope – while August is just over now – that the mass production is already running diligently…

  105. Klaus

    I have a Merlin mini in gold. It is very good. I am waiting of the new Merlin 22.

  106. Adam

    I got 5 stainless steel 1 gold and 1 black merlin mini.. Tired of wicking and coiling everyday. Please hurry with 22 merlin!!

  107. VapeKing

    Is this ready? Waited long enough i supposed. I need 10 of this!!!!!!!

  108. George

    Looks so great. It’s hard but I’m patiently waiting

  109. Jason

    Can’t wait for this. Avoiding buying a new RTA because of this one!

  110. Rainer

    Any news? August 8th is one month now since the prototype was finished… Augvape, please give us a sign.

  111. Peter

    Please let us know when it is availeble, the mini is perfect but I need more juice!!

  112. Peterjj

    Please let is know when it will be available!

  113. Erwin

    looks awesome. cant wait for this new merlin 22

  114. Impatient Andy

    C’mon, we haven’t got all day

  115. whitepuzo

    Hey guys! You obviously feel our patience!)))

  116. Sara Weale

    Cannot wait for this to be released. If it’s anything like the original Merlin it will be a favourite.

  117. Anton

    I really hope for a quality product from Augvape, Merlin 22 should be the best tank MTL 2017! Really want to try Merlin 22, I think we will love it!!

  118. thevecihi

    better be good

  119. Shatorn

    When you finally launch the new merlin?

  120. gata

    Hey, so it should soon go out, I’m in a hurry to have it, my merlin does not leave me, I hope this one will be his worthy replacement. Hopefully a review on it. Thank you augvape.

  121. Artrm

    It’s time to release a novelty. We are all very much looking forward to merlin 22. I hope the distance from the dome to the glass you will make more than in the old Merlin

  122. irwan

    When will this be available…??

  123. cwong

    This is going to be good!!!!

  124. Sagi

    When will be in stock? Gold version will be available?

  125. Dario

    I love Merlin Mini. Looking forward to new one. I hope it will be MTL tank 🙂

  126. Torben

    Any news on that? Please drop me a mail once available!

    • augvape

      It’s available now

  127. thevecihi

    Are you alive ?

  128. thevecihi

    Darling ?

  129. juddy

    Hey augvape,,following this thread keenly, still no 22 ml, what gives?

  130. David

    I love Merlin, that was my first RTA 🙂 And still in daily use. I’m really looking forward to Merlin 22.

  131. Sagi

    Not bad, but Merlin 22 looked much better. Please remove this terrible text, especially bad looks on black

    • augvape

      I will tell our engineer

  132. Andriy

    Hello. I have a Merlin mini. I would very much like to experience this new tank. As I can see in it there is a large field for experiments.

    • augvape

      You can try it now.Get it from your local shop,sir

  133. Michael Gauthier

    I just bought 2 Merlin mini RTAs, one limited edition gold which I will use for MTL the other for restricted air flow.

    Make this a dedicated MTL RTA. There are enough options for restricted air flow like the Merlin mini. The only good options available are all really expensive.
    If this will become a dedicated MTL atomizer it will be a better device and not a comprise.
    So happy to see your finally listening to the customers. There are tons of RTAs coming out almost weekly but very few dedicated devices. You don’t buy a BMW to transport wood and bricks even though it would be possible. You buy a truck for this dedicated purpose. Your closest competitor would be the digiflavor Siren2.

    Looking forward to owning the new Augvape MTL Atomizer. Maybe give it a new name so people realize it’s not a standard Merlin RTA. Merlin MTL sounds like your just plugging the Merlin’s airflow and not giving the customer a new device.
    Since Merlin is a mage to keep in line with that maybe use:
    Glinda MTL
    Glinda was the good witch from “The wizard of Oz”.
    New Product with a name that reflects a new line of atomizers.

    Thank you,
    Mike Gauthier

    • augvape

      Thanks for your info.

  134. Rainer

    Form follows function! Yes, the first design looked really better… but the main thing is that it will be a great mtl atomizer.
    Btw – what about my free sample, augvape?

  135. tms

    Did I not be chosen by you? Mail does not come … I want to try this MERLIN MTL as soon as possible. Please.

  136. Roger

    “Shut up and take my money”(c) :))
    When this will be available?? I definitely gonna get (at least) one! 🙂

    • augvape

      It was released

  137. Jan

    Wow. Now this looks like what I was hoping for. Tight, flavourful dl seems very possible.

  138. Kirill

    Праздник приближается? 😉

  139. MM

    I love blackone! But, has liquid control?

    • augvape

      Sorry,no liquid control

  140. Daniel Velev

    Still waiting to e-mail….
    I want to try this Merlin MTL.

  141. Kyryl

    It looks very promising!

  142. Akash

    I vape mostly mtl and have been a huge fan of the original Merlin and the Merlin Mini. I still use both on a daily basis. So excited to see actual pictures of the deck. Based on previous augvape products, this will be a well thought out RTA. Can’t wait to try this one!!

    • augvape

      It was released

  143. Yohanes Sanjaya

    still waiting on your promise, augvape…

    when will you send the sample to us?

    • augvape

      What sample?
      Are you a reviewer?

  144. George Kareli

    I’m looking forward to this device, it’s been a year since the merlin rta with 2.0 airflow, it’s beautiful and tasty, and merlin mtl probably will be even better with removable airflow, I love augvape

    • augvape

      Thanks sir!

  145. George Kareli

    is there news about the release date?

    • augvape

      already released

  146. Fabio

    Release date?

    • augvape

      already released

  147. Rob Robbson

    Hi there, im still looking forward to get a E-Mail, checking every day ^_^
    The new style look superior, hope to get it, one day. Good Job!

  148. whitepuzo

    I understand that you can not wait for the message on the e-mail? Promise do not, ah-yay-yay 🙁
    Though someone received a letter from Augvape?

  149. Klaudesque

    This looks really nice. I’m not sure about the “Merlin MTL” engraving, but it migght look better in person.

    Will there be more colours (blue and gold for example) and will the black 510 drip tip be included with every unit?

    Thanks in advance.

    • augvape

      SS and black.The drip tip is delrin,black color.

  150. Balak

    Everything looks good. If it just has 4 ml liquid capacity, that will be wonderful! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

    • augvape

      It was released.You can buy in your local shop..

  151. Traian C

    Incredible! This is the real, true, mtl tank! With this one the limit for how to vape is only imagination.. how to set airflow..
    I want to try this..yesterday!!!

    • augvape

      It was released,you can buy in your local shop.

  152. NICK

    Looks awesome a kayfun prime killer for sure

    • augvape


  153. marion karle

    Waouh ! He looks really nice ! I was waiting for so long, hope I will get one !
    I haven’t received any e-mail, have checked already…

  154. Viktor

    Merlin RTA, my favorite tank for more than a year. MTL is very good on the photo.
    I want to try it madly!!!

    • augvape

      It was released.

  155. Anton

    Looks very cool! Particularly liked inserts for MTL. Really want to try it! You promised a free sample, I’m really looking forward to your email to try the new Merlin and do a review on my YouTube channel!

  156. David

    When and where is it available? Can’t wait…. Looks very good.

  157. Andy

    I left my first comment on June, 5th. The wait is finally over. Looks very promising. I am looking forward to your e-mail and my free sample. Thank you. 🙂

  158. Rae

    I can’t wait to try this. I love the merlin and mini. This will be my next rta. Please release soon.

    • augvape

      It was released.

  159. MNSMohamad

    Merlin Mini RTA are good enough, cant wait to own and review Merlin MTL

    • augvape

      It was released.

  160. Traian Cristian

    Incredible, what a great idea !
    This is the definitive mtl tank ! The limit for this atomizer is the user, only his/her imagination may limit the tank character !

    • augvape

      Yes Sir

  161. Kim h c

    When is come out?
    I want it
    Any time when out, i purchase it
    I will love it plz tell me whent it is out

  162. MNQ

    Look great! Finally a real MTL! I really like to try one! Hope it is better as a Merlin Mini.

    • augvape

      It was released.

  163. MM

    I’m waiting e-mail…

    • augvape

      Do you want to order this product?

  164. Kv

    Cannot wait for this one…
    I own a Merlin mini and,for my sytle of vape, it’s the one I constantly go back to..

    • augvape

      It was released

  165. Юрий

    У меня есть Merlin, Merlin mini, но этот кажется лучше! Хотелось бы испытать! Жду с нетерпением!!!
    I have Merlin, Merlin mini, but this one seems better! I would like to experience! I look forward to it !!!

    • augvape

      It was released.

  166. sono io

    i wuld love this aty thanks augvape in vorward

    • augvape

      It was released.

  167. сергей

    Очень достойно выглядит. Надеюсь что в работе будет оправдывать мои ожидания. Ну всё продуманно до мелочей. Молодцы. Респект. На 5 баллов!!!

    • augvape

      Do you speak English?

  168. Bogdan Sorin

    The original 23 mm Merlin was in my opinion the best flavor rta, easy wicking, great smooth airflow, the Merlin mini was also great but for me, the first wan had better flavour , and enjoyed the Merlin RDTA a lot also, I’m looking forward to testing the new device, think it will be a hit on the market !

    • augvape

      It was released.

  169. Marko

    because of this Merlin, beserker is on hold, i hope it will soon be in sale … 🙂

    • augvape

      It was released.

  170. Micha

    Can’t wait for it! I Love my Merlin Mini rta, in my opinion One of the best MTL Devices!

    • augvape


  171. Rainer

    Hello Augvape, are you alive?
    A short statement would be appropriate.

  172. Gina

    I am so happy with my Merlin!
    Can’t wait to geht this new MTL Merlin!

    • augvape

      It was released.

  173. Marianne

    Where and when can I buy it? I really need one!!

    • augvape

      Where are you from?
      You can buy on our aliexpress.

  174. Anton

    I lost faith in the Augvape company, they never wrote me to email to get a free sample :(((( Noooooo! And then Merlin mtl began to appear on sale on the sites!

  175. Bannerlord666

    Ohhhhhh… I think every “MTL-fun” must have this one!

    • augvape


  176. Chris H

    Where is the promised email?
    The Merlin MTL is already in peoples hands and we still haven’t received the sample that was promised – poor showing Augvape!

  177. Александр

    Augvape мой бимый производитель,всё что вы делаете достойно внимания!Если есть возможность пришлите пожалуйста этот образец,чтобы ещё раз убедиться ,что вы лучшие!

    • augvape

      Hi.Do you speak English?

  178. Kyryl

    Hello augvape and thanks for the e-mail that you never sent! Don’t you realize that lying to your loyal customers is a losing game?

  179. Jan

    I too are waiting for mail, but I will most certainly buy one too. I think it was a fault calling this merlin “mtl” It seem to get half poor reviews on YouTube only due to the name. Personally this setup will suit me perfectly as I have found restricted lung, and I mean really restricted, gives much better flavour than open draw. I have diy resticters in all my rta’s. 0.1 mm airflow more or less makes a huge difference in vape quality for me. Here it will not be necessary to diy. Only thing I could wish for would be 5+ml big brother or extension. Really nice with adjustable side airflow too. I hope this doesn’t seep juice…..

  180. Rob Robbson

    I’m getting a Mail today, YES! Looking forward to the brand new Merlin ^_^
    Good, AUGVAPE don’t forget their community

  181. marion karle

    Thank you augvape ! It’s worth waiting patiently for some news !
    I’ve received your e-mail today, can’t wait to try this Merlin MTL 🙂

  182. Ara Eglenceoglu

    Just got your emaoil. Cant wait to try the new Merlin.

    • augvape

      It was released

  183. rene van der veen

    got the mail also, thumbs up for Augvape!
    Also ordered one myself…need at least 2 🙂

  184. DJ PK

    I received the e-mail this morning and Just sent my details to Augvape in order to receive my free tank. If it is as good as it looks, I will soon order a second one!

  185. Chris H

    • augvape

      OK,please send your name,address and phone number to then.

  186. Yev

    seems to be really descent tank on the flavor side waiting for it much

    • augvape

      Yes.It was released.

  187. PETERJJ

    Why is not everyone on this page getting a E mail as promised?

    • augvape

      What can I do for you?

  188. ILya

    Hi everyone. A couple of days ago I received my free sample.
    What can I say is a very simple RTA. It is easy to build, use cotton and refill. The taste is average. For me, the big plus was that the air plugs fit the Merlin RTA.
    Thanks Augvape for this free sample. I will use it.

  189. Ara Eglenceoglu

    Just got my free sample today. Thank you Augvape!Well i own 7 merlin mini 1 gold 1 black and 5 in ss i rotate daily.Let me tell you i could not wait for free sample and i ordered another one from origin vape with a berserker mtl and siren v2.This one surpases both.I am a strictly mtl vaper.Berserker is a gurgly tank you cannot fit more than 2.5 mm coils.Siren v2 although has great airflow options there is an off taste even after 10 or more times i cleaned and vaped with juice.Honestly I still like the v1 siren over the v2 .v1 has better taste.Now the Augvape 22 caters to both mtl and dl vapers and has better flavor over the mini merlins.Airflow options on this is crazy. You can definetly find something you like with the plugs and and airflow options. I personally found using 2 mm plug closing all the screws and almost closing airflow gives me perfect draw.All threads are buttery smooth and great machine work. The only cons are drip tips and capacity. Mtl drip tip should have been delrin not ss.Any drip tip that is metal imparts the ejuice taste.I guess Augvape wanted to keep this tank compact instead of 4 ml or higher in capacity.Other than that really enjoy this.A great tank that is both suited to mtl and dl.vapers. Bravo Augvape!

    • augvape

      We have changed the drip tip to delrin.

  190. Merqury

    Hi, Augvape!

    Received my free sample two days ago and have tested it already. Pretty nice little RTA, I must say! Although you’ve probably made a mistake, calling it MTL at the end – perhaps initial “Merlin 22” moniker would have been better. In my opinion, 22 mm is more of a selling point for this exact RTA, in absence of strong new competitors in that field. And it’s definitely more then just MTL (and maybe not one of the best MTLs out there), it’s quite universal and versatile device, capable of different roles and uses.
    All in all, I love it anyway! And thanks for keeping promises, folks, it was nice to get this little gift.
    Thumbs up!
    And best regards,

    sincerely yours, Merqury…

  191. marion karle

    I’ve received my free sample 2 days ago, thank you Augvape !

    It’s a really cool RTA, easy to use, no leak at all 🙂 I like the vapor and the flavors of it. And with the mtl drip tip I find it really beautiful.

    I vape indirectly but not too tight so without reductors and lateral airflows closed, it’s exactly my kind of vape 🙂 Really happy with this Merlin MTL. Good job Augvape !

    Next test will be the reductors, it seems to be really versatile.

  192. George

    Received the Merlin a couple of days ago. Big thanks to Augvape for the kept promise of getting a free sample.
    I’m impressed about the differences between the “old“ and MTL Merlin, like the vapor and the flavors of it at all.

  193. Gorazd

    Augvape, I found a solution for Merlin MTL to be the best flavorable MTL RTA. The problem for true MTL fealing and flavore is in the chimeny. It is 8mm diameter and its to big for MTL. I made a reducer for chimeny to 3mm diameter, put in a insert with 1.6mm hole and what a big diference… I get now a realy, realy good flavore and the best MTL experiance… The best RTA all around… Great work Augvape !

    • augvape

      Great work you did,sir!

  194. Gorazd

    Oh I forget to mention about DL experiance… Its fantastic !!! I use it without any insert, so the botom hole is 3.5mm and side airflow slots I opened on each side only 1mm… put in fused clapton from SS316L (28+28)×32AWG, 3mm, 5 wraps around 0.35ohm, 30-37W…. THE BEST FLAVOR I GOT TILL NOW !!! Even beter than Serpent SMM… Great work Augvape !

    • augvape

      Thanks for your support!

  195. Gorazd

    I already tried with 1.6mm reducer and also I made reducer for chimeney to 3.5mm and it was great MTL experiance with the best flavour till now… even better than Siren V2… But today I use 1.2mm reducer, I made reducer for chimeney to 3mm… The result I have got…. WAW !!! The best flavor I have got till now from MTL device, and a real fealing like cigaret… … Augvape, you should put a chimeney reducer to 3mm in the pakage too and the it become a true MTL devicem…

    • augvape

      Thanks for your suggestion!

  196. Gorazd

    After 14 days of vapeing with merlin mtl this time I rate it with 3 stars. Like I said before, it produce great flavore in DL and MTL, it is very small, it holds 3ml of juice…. But… The big negative point I gave is because of leaking !!! I know how to wick it, even if I put a lot of cotton to those 2 holes, everytime when I refile the ejuice I have got a massive leaking. The problem is with the holes position… The back of the holes are strait with the back wall under the holes and that is the main problem of leaking. If there will be the edge, like in Serpent SMM, there will be no leaking.

    • augvape

      OK Thanks.Let me tell our engineers.

  197. Raku

    I like a wonderful atomizer for MTL.
    And I got this Merlin MTL and enjoying Vaping, but juice leaks out no matter how ingenuous it is.
    Please make official videos of setting lectures that will never leak.

    • augvape

      You can search on youtube.

  198. yin


    • augvape


  199. Odin

    It’s awesome using it for 2 months now.
    P.S. Can someone tell me what is the size in mm for Allen key!

  200. Ross Y.

    Am I still eligible for the free sample mentioned earlier?

  201. Ross Yamamoto

    Am I still eligible for the free sample mentioned earlier?

    • augvape

      If you are a reviewer,you can send email to

  202. marion karle

    After 3 months of use, I still love this atomizer !
    Never leaks, good flavors (I’m using 1.8 or 1.6 reducers with side airflow open).
    Thank you, good job !

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