Merlin mini

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– 24*42.3 mm
– Capacity: 2 ML
– 304 Stainless Steel
– Come With 2 pcs 18mm Decks
– Single Coil Deck Pre-installed
– 2*2 mm Squared Post Holes
– Single 4.5 mm Internal Air-holes
– Come With 2mm & 1.5mm Airflow Hole Inserts
– 3*4 mm Juice Holes
– Dual Coil Deck
– Velocity Style
– 2*2.5 mm Post Holes
– Dual 3*5 mm Squared Air-holes
– 3 mm Diameter Juice Holes
– Peek Insulator
– Gold Plated Brass Contact

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19 reviews for Merlin mini

  1. Devin Lane

    Absolutely the best mini RTA on the market and so far my favorite that I own and have ever used!! And I have alot. I recommend it to anyone who loves RTA’S.

  2. andhex

    Good flavor, good vape, so delicious 🙂

  3. Rifky

    This is the best atomizer I found ever, it has airhole plug in where it make all vaper type can use this atty. However there is once, and only once cons which I hope Roxy or the designer can read this. The con is a top cap. When it refill there is an air pressure which push down the liquid into the deck which make a leak everytime I refill. My suggest maybe you can make a slight gap on the thread (like kayfun v4 ,v3, gta3 etc which make air escape until reach the final thread, where it must seal. If the augvape consider this I think it became perfect atomizer.

  4. Dave Norwood

    Augvape please send me a couple to review(davevape55 ecf) 1262 Sutton Way Grass Valley CA.
    If you please could. I’ll bolster some sales if it’s a good mini.

  5. iwan

    best mini RTA, build quality it’s so good, single & dual coil compability it’s perfect for me.

  6. Chris Martin

    the best rta I’ve used !

  7. rockerets

    best mini rta on the market, no leaking issues, single or dual coil deck, perfect amount of airflow, ease of coil build, great design, CHEAP AF.

  8. Suhardy Sudeli

    Excellent job to Augvape for making one of the best RTA in 2016/17. To make the Merlin Mini flawless, I recommend Augvape to increase the liquid capacity by developing juice tank adapter as an extension. Thank you


    Greeting from Indonesia

    Just want to make sure about authentic of this product (MERLIN MINI RTA)
    yesterday I was purchased that RTA and confused about authentic or clone of my RTA due I could not found security scratch code on packaging.

    I was asking to seller about that, they said latest batch of this product was not provided with code to check whether clone or authentic due found issue on your web check in.

    please advice about that.

    • augvape

      All of our products have security scratch code on packaging.

  10. Petko Petkov

    I want to buy 2 Single Coil Decks for Merlin mini and one deck for Merlin RTA. How?

  11. Morcego

    Augvape, you have nailed it on this one!!!!
    This atomizer is amazing, you have fixed all the problems that his big brother the Merlin had, and made this awesome atomizer.
    I like it so much, so i´m going to buy 2 more.

  12. Ahmet

    Please help me. My merlin mini rta lets the hole liquid through the airflow control. I did everything but nothin was helpful.

    • augvape

      You didn’t wick well.Pleas see some videos on youtube

    • augvape

      What do you mean?Contact us on Facebook.

  13. George

    I love merlin mini it only needs extention tube to hold 5 or 6 ml of liquid……it will flawless

    • augvape

      We understand.Working on a new RTA project.

  14. Ruslan

    Очень вкусный и уневерсальный rta.

  15. Brandon Bodin

    I loved this tank so much. I am one of the few that uses the velocity deck more than the single coil deck. The first month was great but now one of the posts are coming disconnected (maybe from the PEEK insulator?) and the deck as a whole won’t screw into the base flush. Is there a way I can buy another velocity deck? I have not heard of this happening to anyone else so I give it 5 stars compared to the other 5 RTA’s I have bought recently.

    • augvape

      Please send email to

    • augvape

      You can buy one on

  16. Damien

    Ah my darling divine! Love this lil RTA that chucks the clouds and delivers some of the most intense flavour. Nice one augvape!

  17. Kirill

    Hello! I love this tank, at the moment I think its the best in the segment of small tanks. I really like the variability of blowing the spiral. I have two of them!))

  18. Brian Etris

    Hands down, the best RTA on the market, mini or full size . The customization available and sheer versatility that this atty offers is just impeccable . No other products even come close to the vape quality this thing produces. I cant say enough good things about it! I like it so much that I am ordering another one soon (I just have to decide if I want gold or black haha ) but seriously , I cannot find a single con for this device ! And believe me, I have tried …there are not even nitpicky subjective cons for this….it is just THAT good. It’s perfection. Flawless. AmaZing job on this one Augvape! Keep up the good work ! Cheers !

  19. Lee

    Great tank. Only con is the juice flow. I use 70/30 and I find that if I don’t have the juice holes open I start to get dry hits. Leaving the juice holes open however leaves the tank feeling a little loose and if I put it in my pocket I have to readjust the juice holes again so they line up. Lots of people say it works with juices holes closed and the tank nice and tight but i find it a little dry. I checked authentication and it genuine. Am I doing something wrong?

    • augvape

      You can search some videos on youtube.

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